This blog is still in the putty stage of development.  If you viewed this blog a week ago and are viewing it, you’ve probably noticed that it looks a little different.  If you’re just viewing it now, I’ll catch you up to speed. 

See, when I first put this blog up I included an area where you can view the first few pages of my current manuscript, Halfling, along with a summary of what Halfling is about.  After a little over a week I took it down, probably because I was deterred by the rejections from literary agents.  I know I shouldn’t let them saying “No” dictate how this blog looks.  But no is a hard word to accept, especially when you’re an aspiring writer trying to find an agent who will represent you.  And I know, thick skin is a necessity in publishing, but sometimes thick skin can get a little sore.

Ultimately after much going back and forth and weighing various pros and cons, I have decided to let those who are interested read the first two chapters of the story as well as include the description of what the story is about.

In the meantime, the next post is about summer TV shows.  Because TV shows are awesome, and without them I’d probably go crazy.

This blog is st…


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