In Quest of Representation

Lately I’ve been feeling like I need a brown paper bag to hyperventilate into.  In terms of agents I queried for Halfling, I’ve heard back from about half and am still waiting to hear back from the other half. 

Now that I’m at the halfway mark with agent responses, I’m starting to freak out.  BIG TIME.

See, here’s the thing I hate about queries: queries are supposed to be short summaries of what the book is about.  The right summary is crucial to a query with pertinent information about not only the synopsis of the story but also what makes it interesting.  Summary, however, has never been one of my strengths.

I’ve recently become addicted to the blog SlushPileTales.  I love reading the QueryDice section where each week an author’s query is critiqued minus any identifying information.  The QueryDice comments are extremely helpful, need-to-keep-in-mind insights into how an agent reads a query.  I suggest anyone trying to get an agent to represent their work should check out this blog.

Although I love the blog, QueryDice kind of makes me paranoid about my own query.  I’m instinctively critical of all my work, Halfling query included.  Reading the comments on other people’s queries makes me wonder if this agent will think similar thoughts when they read mine.  Will they think I didn’t explain the world I set the story in enough for them to request more material?  Will they be wondering why it’s so important that this Eden character is half-angel and half-demon?  And the biggest question of all: will they ask to see more material or will they reject?  *I really hope they don’t reject*

I can only wait at this point.  Wait and pray and cross my fingers.  Lots of praying and finger crossing.

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