July Summer Reading

The books I’ve read so far in July:

Danse Macabre by Laurell K. Hamilton…Photo Source Wikipedia


I’m currently reading this book, the 14th in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, as part of my 2012 New Year’s resolution that I would read the Anita Blake series until I’m caught up with the most recent one.  I have a feeling this resolution will carry over into 2013 given the rate I read these books.  See my dilemma with the Anita Blake books is that while I love them, they are very long and I am kind of a slow reader.  They are also books that I can’t read in sprints; if I’m going to read one of them I need to set aside a few days and commit to finishing it or else it falls into my To-Read shelf on Goodreads, AKA the why-aren’t-you-reading-more shelf.


Good Christian Bitches by Kim Gatlin…Photo Source amazon.com


Yes, that is the actual title of the book.  I decided to read the book after I found out that the book-inspired show, GCB, wouldn’t be returning for a second season.  I loved the show, so I read the book to try not to dwell on how the show got the axe.

I realized early into the book that while the book provided inspiration for the show, the show is not based on the actual events of the book for the most part.  I’d say the show was very loosely based on the book.  The show not only changed most of the characters’ names, but also their stories and personalities.

Changes aside, I really liked the book.  It’s a nice summer beach read or lazy afternoon read.  I’m not embarrassed to say that I like Jane Austen, but what I like most about Austen’s works are the social politics especially between the female characters.  What I liked most about Good Christian Bitches was that it reminded me of a modern-day Texas Jane Austen novel.


Bared to You by Sylvia Day…Photo Source barnesandnoble.com


When you open the front cover of Bared to You, you see a couple pages of praise for the book in the form of quotes from different people.  A number of these quotes reference how on the surface the plot is very similar to Fifty Shades of Grey but is in fact much darker and more intriguing.  I read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, and I can see the similarities between the two.  Both involve a recent college grad entering into their first entry-level job post-college.  Both first-person female narrators quickly become involved with billionaire dark and seemingly dangerous type CEOs with control issues.  Both have multiple graphic scenes.

Bared to You is not, however, the same as Fifty Shades of Grey.  The narrator, Eva, in Bared to You, is a lot darker and more damaged than Anastasia having *SPOILER* been repeatedly raped by her stepbrother when she was younger.  She’s a character with issues and that makes her more complex than Anastasia.  I also like that Eva isn’t afraid to call Gideon out when he’s out of line whereas Anastasia is a little too submissive, no pun intended.  There’s also more of a sense of struggle for Eva and Gideon to maintain their relationship given their pasts, and seeing the pair struggle to overcome those obstacles makes this an addictive book.


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