What to Pack

Anna Dressed in Blood is going in the carry-on…Photo Source Goodreads.com

I’m leaving for Orlando next Monday to go to Universal.  I’m wicked excited about the trip because I haven’t been to Universal in years, and I finally get my chance to say I went to Hogwarts (and have a picture to prove it!)!

I’m in the middle of packing and getting stuff together for the trip, much to my cat’s disappointment.  My cat knows when I’m about to go away because he chooses to hide himself in my closet, in my clothes, and when that fails he plunks himself on top of my suitcase.

Alas, his attempts to keep me home do not work.  They just lay a major guilt-trip on me.

Guilt-trip aside, this is when I have to start making the major packing decisions.  By that, I mean what books to bring.

I’m currently reading Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones which I intend to finish before I leave.  I’m mildly tempted to bring the second book in the series, City of Ashes, with me.  But here’s my dilemma.  I really like the series so far, but the books are on the large side and not the best portable reads.


So I’ll reserve continuing in The Mortal Instruments for when I get back.

Barnes & Noble sent me two coupons this past weekend, one for 20% off and the other for 15% off.  I used both to buy the books I’m going to take on the plane: Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendra Blake; and Skeleton Crew by Stephen King.

I love a good ghost story, and I’m a huge fan of horror.  I’ve also decided that Halloween, my second favorite holiday, doesn’t get enough it’s-Halloween-season-time acknowledgement because in terms of holidays it’s kind of in limbo.  In August and September everyone’s focused on it’s-back-to-school-time, so Halloween spirit usually gets at most a couple weeks in October (especially since Christmas season has now encroached into October).

So I’m getting into the spirit early by indulging my love of horror early on.  Hence, Anna Dressed in Blood and Skeleton CrewAnna sounds not just like a good ghost story, but a story that stands out amidst the sea of YA books to choose from.  I’m not bashing YA or YA paranormal romance, but it seems like in the past few years a lot of the novels that were published contain similar love triangle/love story arcs in terms of characters and their personalities to the point where I was turned off to YA for a while because it felt like publishers were only publishing books that fit a certain mold and were going off of a particular trend.  I’m looking forward to reading Anna because it sounds like it has a plot that is very unique, especially for the genre.

I chose Skeleton Crew because I’m a fan of Stephen King.  And if I want horror, then who else to read besides one of the modern masters?


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