Conquering My Technophobia

The In Search of Representation Query Quest is now over and having heard back (or taken the silence as a no) from all the agents/agencies I queried, the results are in: no takers.  No requests for a partial manuscript, no requests for more pages, nada.

A couple of years ago when I went through the same process with my first manuscript, I became discouraged from my dream of being a published author thinking that if agents, the so-called “Gatekeepers” of the literary/publishing world, didn’t respond well to the very idea of my book then it wasn’t going to happen.  A couple of years ago, I hadn’t heard of Kindle self-publishing.  Now, I’ve decided to finally go after my dream of being a published author by publishing both the first manuscript I wrote and the one you’ve been reading about on this blog using Kindle publishing.

While I’m wicked excited about this, I’m about scared out of my mind.  The main fear running through my mind is that when I upload the documents, the formatting will come across as weird and unreadable.  I’m stressing so much that I’m stressing over if I should change the first line tab spacing from .3” to .2”.  Then there’s the ebook cover issue.  I’ve decided to go with, but I am not the best graphics/artsy person.  And I know people shouldn’t judge a good book by its cover, but a standout cover does draw a person’s interest.  Oh, and how do I even begin to express my gratitude especially to readers in the Acknowledgement section?

This is a brand new chapter in my life (get it “chapter”…okay, even I admit that one was a little overboard).  I just hope when it comes down to it, that all the technology issues will work themselves out.  Until then, lots and lots of chocolate.


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