Phase One Happy Dance

The much-talked about, much-fretted about has happened: I have uploaded not one, but TWO books to Kindle using Kindle Direct Publishing!

I uploaded the first manuscript I ever wrote, The Hunted, about a werewolf named Sarah who is able to enter people’s minds through their scents, and the second manuscript I wrote, Darkness Calls, about a half-angel, half-demon girl named Eden.  I feel both deserve a page on this blog and will be getting one.

Now is the waiting game.  *Fingers crossed everything goes as planned and there are no problems*

In the meantime, phase one has been completed and happy dancing can begin!

Below are the book covers I made for the books.  Please know that I am not a graphic designer nor did I major in art in college.  These are my attempts at not-half-bad book covers:

Darkness Calls book cover and The Hunted book cover copyright L.N. Rocha

L.N. Rocha…that’s me! I’m officially an author!


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