Publishing Hiccups: Part Two

After a few hours to cool down after my stress-out over my publishing hiccups, I’ve come to decision to just “own it” as far as those mistakes go.  I realized I have two choices: I can either continue to stress over mistakes that are mistakes and the perfectionist in me cringes at them; or accept them for the fact that while mistakes, they’re minor.

In regards to the name issue, I like the way my name appears on the ecovers: L.N. Rocha.  Aesthetically, I think it looks better than Lauren Rocha would on them.

As far as the whole “In Progress” status for Pricing and Royalty goes, there’s nothing I can do about that at the immediate moment.  I’ve emailed the Amazon Kindle Publishing people, and according the auto-message I should receive a response within 24 hours.

Stress-out of the day is over.  For now.


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