Publishing Hiccups

Both THE HUNTED and DARKNESS CALLS are now available for purchase through the Amazon Kindle store.  While I put a lot of effort and worrying (I still worry) into both and am very proud of how they came out, they aren’t without hiccups.

The publication of both books marks the first time I have published.  EVER.  I like to think the publication of both books also marks a milestone of me overcoming my technophobia and improving my technology skills.

That said, it wasn’t without hiccups.  While Amazon does its best to explain what the different categories mean when inputting information before books can get published, I was still confused.  For instance, next to the Book Contributor category, I filled in Lauren Rocha because they asked for first and last name.  I selected myself as Author and didn’t give much thought to it after that.  Now, though, I realize what that meant.  Although I put my author name as L.N. Rocha on the book cover, Amazon lists my Author name as Lauren Rocha, not L.N. Rocha because I filled in the Author Book Contributor field as Lauren Rocha, not L.N. Rocha.

The other nagging issue is that when I click on Bookshelf to see the details of both books, under Pricing and Royalty it says In Progress even though both books are published and available for purchase.  I do not understand!  I clicked the box on the bottom for THE HUNTED that says Agree, then clicked Save and Continue, and now it’s acting like it’s republishing the book.

Just when I think I’m on my way to figuring out this whole technology thing, technology laughs in my face.


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