Happy (Belated) Book Birthday!

Amazon will state that both THE HUNTED and DARKNESS CALLS were published on August 23, 2012 which sounds about right.  I’ve seen authors, agents, publishers, etc. wish their books Happy Book Birthday when they are published.  Since THE HUNTED and DARKNESS CALLS were published before this post, it’s a belated birthday wish.

So here goes…Happy (Belated) Book Birthday to THE HUNTED!  Happy (Belated) Book Birthday to DARKNESS CALLS!  Both available through the Amazon Kindle store!  *Throws confetti and glitter at computer screen*

Despite all the doubting and worrying and gut-wrenching worst-case scenarios that have gone through (and still continue to go through) my mind, I’m proud and excited for both my books.  It took a lot of hard work to write them and then get them ready for publication.  It took even more courage to actually publish them.

I hope that people will at least give one or both titles a glance.  Right now I feel like my books are the new kids in the Kindle school, trying to get people’s attention.  Hopefully, people will be interested.

Thank you.




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