Back to the Salt Mines of My Imagination

When I published my books, I included that at the end of each their sequels would come out in Summer 2012.  At the time, I thought no problem!  I’m a quick writer and my books tend to be on the short side.  Two stories in a year, no problem!

I must have had my brain hijacked at the time.

Yes, they are two shorter novels; both of them combined would be the equivalent of one longer novel.  Yes, both take place within the same universe.  But both are essentially different worlds.  Sarah’s world is one that takes place a few years before Eden’s does, and it involves the events that take place when she and her friends are at the Academy.  Eden’s world in the sequel is about the Founders Council enacting revenge on her and her friends, and them trying to steal the grimoire from Eden.  One universe, two different worlds to keep building upon.

There’s only one solution: it’s back to the salt mines of my imagination for fuel for the next books.

That means I’m going to be cutting back on the blogging.  I’ll still blog; I just won’t do it as frequently as I have been.  Because they (see below) need sequels.



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