Thank You

Today, I decided I would take a page from Thanksgiving and give thanks.  So here goes:

Thank you to those who looked at either or both book descriptions of The Hunted and Darkness Calls on the Amazon Kindle store.  Thank you to those who decided they were interesting enough to read or who helped spread the word to someone else they think would be interested the books(one or both).

Thank you to those who visit this blog and read it.  Thank you to those who follow this blog.

Thank you to those who comment on this blog.  If you’re wondering why you don’t see your comment posted, chances are it’s because of WordPress’ Spam settings where for some reason all the comments people have posted end up being flagged as Spam.  I personally like to think that most of those comments are not Spam and are just people responding to the blog who happen to have websites or blogs of their own.  But if you have commented, or are thinking of commenting, please know that I do read the comments and I thank you very much for them.

I’m painfully shy when it comes to my writing.  I know that seems ironic because I blog and have published two books.  But whenever I write something – be it a blog post, a book, a Tweet, etc – I get very self-conscious and shy about it because there’s a very negative voice in my head that whispers that my writing isn’t good enough, and that no one will read what I write.  Although I’ve turned the volume down on said voice over the years so that it’s now a whisper, it still causes me to doubt my writing.  So I appreciate every blog view, every comment, every Twitter follower, every person who helps spread the word about my books, every person that reads my books (one or both).

Thank you.



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