Puppy Love

This week there is a very special guest staying at our house: my cousin’s five month old puppy, Chewbacca.

We have not had a dog in our house since we had to put our dog to sleep.  That means Chewbacca, or Chewie, is not only the first dog to stay at our house since then but also the first dog Watson, our cat, has been around since then as well.

Chewie is a very friendly puppy.  If he could talk he would sound like Doug from Up.  He just wants to be everyone’s best friend, including Watson’s.  He loves Watson so much that he has decided Watson is his BFFL.  Where Watson goes, Chewie goes.  Watson has become Chewie’s very best friend, and Chewie likes to remind Watson of his status in the form of kisses, nose touching, and cuddling.

Watson, on the other hand, is a different story.  While Watson will put up with Chewie’s love fests and displays of adoration, Watson does not want to be Chewie’s best friend.  Whereas Watson is Chewie’s best friend, Chewie is Watson’s…follower.

Their relationship is a good lesson to take note of.  I have recently embarked on a Twitter firestorm promoting my books with tweets and hashtags trying to bring more attention to them.  In a lot of ways I feel like Chewie, trying to show off my awesomeness to a world which is very much like Watson the cat – sometimes they will pay attention and like you but the rest of the time they will either acknowledge your presence or just plain pass by you.


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