Making the Internet My Minion

Lately I have been having an energy burst when it comes to writing and doing the things writers should do in terms of tweeting, blogging, and over all just trying to reach out to the audience more.  At first I thought it might have to do with some planet entering a moon phase or some other astrological explanation, but I think the reason behind this focus is more ordinary: I do not like my job.

No, not my job as a writer.  I have been working as a substitute teacher for the past year and a half, and to say that I thought my life would be different by now is putting it mildly.  Substitute teaching was the first job I was able to get out of college (thank you, economy) and no, I do not want to be a teacher nor did I go to college to become one.  I was an English major who wanted to get a job writing for a newspaper or magazine.  Because I wrote a column for my college newspaper and was the assistant editor for Arts & Entertainment for a chunk of time, I thought when it came time to apply for the job I wanted I stood a good chance.  Oh what they do not tell you in Career Services.

Despite not getting the job I thought I would post-graduation, I came out of my first year substitute teaching being able to say that I enjoyed my job.  Then a lot of somethings happened.  As I mentioned in my last blog post, I fully realized I want to be a writer and started taking steps towards having the life I always wanted.  I also realized come the start of the school year that somewhere along the line I outgrew substitute teaching.

The first year I subbed provided me with a platform, the space I needed to figure my life out and to actually answer that age-old question of “What do I want to do with my life?”  As I started my second year I am currently in, I felt like substitute teaching has morphed into this dollhouse; when I was younger I had this pink dollhouse that I thought was so huge, but when I was older I looked at it and it was not as big anymore (in fact I felt big looking at it).  Unfortunately the economy is still such that this is still the only job I can get (and believe me, I searched for others and applied).

Instead of letting my dislike fester, I decided to channel my frustration into my writing career.  I am finally getting good about tweeting, blogging, and not dragging my feet to actually sit down and, well, write.  On Twitter I am tweeting every day now, and more than once at that.  I created author pages on Amazon and Goodreads that include my biography.  I am spreading the word about my books, bringing out my inner marketing persona (she wears black stilettos I would otherwise be too afraid of wearing out of fear of breaking my ankle and is the equivalent of mental dynamite in board rooms).  In other words, I have made the internet my minion in building my writing universe.


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