Giving Thanks

I technically should have updated this blog with my Giving Thanks post on or before Thanksgiving, but I was the one to cook Thanksgiving dinner around my house and it is a lot of work!  But my attitude is that there should not have to be a designated day to remind us to give thanks; we should wear an attitude of gratitude every day.  So here is my Giving Thanks post:

First of all, thank you to all the people who read and follow this blog and/or my other blog, Living With Celiac Blog (  I love logging on to my dashboard to see the bar graph go up to show how many people read the blogs.  It makes someone who was not the cool kid in school feel cool.

Going along with that, I am thankful for the people who follow me on Twitter.  I feel awkward calling them my followers because that makes me feel slightly cult leaderish.  Instead I like to think of them as individuals who choose of their own free will to read my tweets or at least include me in their list of people they like to read about on Twitter.

I am also thankful that some people have purchased not one but BOTH books either off of the Amazon Kindle store of the Barnes & Noble NOOK store.  You have made the effort put into The Hunted and Darkness Calls worth every second I was plugged to my keyboard, those late nights and early mornings worth the extra mug of hot chocolate, and made me feel all “You like me!  You really like me!”

I tried to be express this in the Acknowledgements page of The Hunted and Darkness Calls but I am not always the best when it comes to putting into words the thanks my family and friends deserve.  I love my family; thanks to them I am blessed to say there has never been a moment I have not felt loved.  I love my friends; they were my first readers, my first editors, and the first people outside of my biological family I felt comfortable enough to share my stories and story ideas with (I say biological family because I consider all my friends part of family).  If it wasn’t for them The Hunted and Darkness Calls would still just be files on my computer collecting dust (or would that be bytes?).  They encouraged me to get my writing out there for others to see because they made me believe my writing deserves to be read.

As a bonus thanks, I am throwing in the fact that I survived shopping at Walmart on Black Friday during the wee hours this morning.  Thank you, Jesus, for not letting anything bad happen to me.  And thank you to the kind employee who saw that I was struggling to carry all my items because they ran out of carts by the time I started shopping, and who hunted down a shopping cart for me to use before my arms fell off.  Let’s just say shopping during Black Friday without a cart gave me a weights workout.

To give thanks and to get more into the holiday season, I decided to take part in another holiday tradition other than posting about what I am thankful for; I wrote a letter to Santa.

Yes, you read that correctly.  I wrote a letter to Santa Claus.  Every year I see the Macy’s commercials asking for Letters to Santa; letters can be dropped off at a mailbox in the Macy’s stores and for every letter received Macy’s will donate $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation up to a million dollars.  It’s a great way to give back and to get in touch with that part of you who stayed up as late as you could on Christmas Eve to try to hear Santa on the rooftop.  Help those in need hear hope this holiday season.


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