Newtown Gives New Perspective

What is being called a tragedy occurred in Newtown, CT where a massacre took place at an elementary school.  I say what is being called a tragedy because the word tragedy does not seem to encompass the absolute atrocity of what happened.  My heart and prayers are with the people of Newtown and those affected.

I read literature that could be called dark, and my stories could be categorized as dark urban fantasies as well.  Sometimes I worry that the material in my books has the potential to turn readers off.  Then I watch the news and realize the world we live in is much darker than anything that the imagination could come up with.

There is a silent violence implied with the death of any child, but the Newtown slaughter was not violence.  No, violence is too tame of a word.  If there is a word whose definition is a chasm of evil and hatred, then that word would describe what took place.

As an author, I am constantly concerned about the popularity of my books.  When I heard about Newtown and saw the grieving faces of the individuals on the news, it reminded me that book sales, sales ranks, and “making it” in the publishing world are not the most important things in life.  It’s just sad that something as terrible as Newtown had to remind me of that.

We have a tendency to get so caught up in our own lives that we often overlook the faces of those in need of our compassion.  We are able to get alerts for when someone posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media, but what about alerts for the people who do not come up on our immediate radars?

They say that the world is advancing, but perhaps the individuals needs to first advance before they can enter this supposedly enlightened world.