My Inner Writer Monologue


It could be anywhere.  Really, this monologue occurs on a daily basis in my head.


ThisIsHopeless (TIH)

ThereIsAlwaysHope (TIAH)


TIH: Why did I ever decide to try to e-publish?  No one has bought my books.  I am taking the books down at the end of the summer because this is hopeless.

TIAH: Bullsh**.  People have too bought your books.  Sure, you’re not the e-book equivalent of a New York Times bestselling author.  Yet.  The books were published less than a year ago for Christ’s sake.  What did you expect, to be an instant J. K. Rowling?

TIH: (Long Pause) Stephenie Meyer’s books sold well right away, and they aren’t even that good.

TIAH: (Angry) You are so not comparing us to Stephenie Meyer right now.  She wrote crappy books that were turned into even crappier movies.  Do you want that?  I’ll answer for you: no.

TIH: But there are other authors….

TIAH: (Throwing hands up in air from frustration) Because those authors are built up as the next to impossible, anorexic thin ideals other authors are expected to live up to!  In reality, most authors are not instant successes; it takes at least, at least a year but usually more.

TIH: (Starting to track down the dark chocolate)

TIAH: Stop that! Go finish writing the first draft of the second book in the Darkness Calls series.

TIH: (Pondering) Is this hopeless?  This whole dream of being a successful writer?

TIAH: (Sighs) There is always hope.

End of scene


2 thoughts on “My Inner Writer Monologue

  1. melissajanda says:

    Yes, there is always hope. Don’t give up. “A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.” Elbert Hubbard

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