The Night Creatures Universe

I think I should explain the Night Creatures novels in regards to their book covers and their place in the fictional universe I created.  This has always bugged me and is one of the biggest sources of my self-doubt when it comes to my books because I constantly worry if readers might be confused by the phrasing that appears on the books covers, and if I should have rethought the design.

Here is the situation: I have two books, The Hunted and Darkness Calls (book covers are below).


flatecover (2)

Each book is termed A Night Creatures Novel followed by a series number and a book number.  Night Creatures is the name of the urban fantasy universe both of these novels take place in.  The series refers to the specific book series each title belongs to; The Hunted is the first series in the Night Creatures universe as it takes place a few years before the events of the second series in the Night Creatures universe, Darkness Calls.  The book number, in both cases that number at the moment is 1, signifies which book it is in the series.  In other words, The Hunted is Book 1 in The Hunted series.  Darkness Calls is Book 1 in the Darkness Calls series.  BOTH are part of this overarching urban fantasy universe called Night Creatures.

You do not have to read The Hunted before reading Darkness Calls.  Although some characters may overlap, there are no huge, major spoiler alerts that will be revealed if you read the second series, Darkness Calls, before the first series.  You can also read one series and not the other because each series focuses on a different set of supernatural creatures and characters.  The Hunted is more about werewolves, vampires, and shapeshifters.  Darkness Calls is more about angels, demons, and vampires.

I hope that cleared some things up.  Read on, people, read on.

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