Confessions Of A Writer #9

I try to avoid becoming the cliché of the unemployed writer.

I have a job.  Currently I am a substitute teacher; I say currently because I am in the process of trying to find another job, a full time position with benefits (I know, the Holy Grail of job hunters everywhere given this economy).  I have also noticed that currently I have been getting called less to come in to work.  One of my theories is this is because the school districts maxed out their snow days, thus making the school year almost until July, and teachers are waiting until the weather is nicer to begin taking their days off.  My other theory is because back at the end of February I had to cover for a horrific class of boys and flipped out on them, mentioning how “ticked off” I was at them.  I left to go get one of the Deans to come down to the class, but one just happened to be in the cafeteria and heard my flip-out of frustration.

Whatever the reason, I have had a lot more time lately.  On the one hand, I am glad I am not regularly subbing.  Substitute teaching has become a dementor, a job I can feel draining my soul from me.  With the extra time, I am able to focus on writing and building the life I truly want and will make me Happy.  On the other hand, less days means less money in my paycheck.  And when you’re a post-college grad living paycheck to paycheck, it makes a big difference.

I try to avoid the cliché of the unemployed writer by finding employment elsewhere.  Until that employment elsewhere comes along, I will be writing like I am being chased by an Orc army.


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