Help One Fund Boston

I was reading an article on The Huffington Post today about the cost of the Boston Marathon tragedy in terms of money.  One Fund Boston, the charity set up by Mayor Menino and Governor Patrick to help the victims of the bombings, has so far raised over $25 million.

As impressive as that may sound, it probably is not enough to help cover the costs of the victims.  As The Huffington Post article points out, at least fifteen victims had to have limbs amputated.  According to The Huffington Post, it costs around $20,000 to amputate a leg, plus more than $50,000 for the most high-tech prosthetics, plus tens of thousands of dollars more for an amputees’ rehab, plus the wages that person will lose because they are out of work, plus the thousands of dollars it will cost to have that person’s car and home modified to accommodate their prosthetic, plus a lot more expenses that will incur.  Now multiply those rough numbers by fifteen.  Subtract the number you get from that original $25 million, and you can begin to see that the money raised by One Fund so far is still not enough to help all the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy.

The website to donate to One Fund is  I hope that you will please consider donating.  There are so many victims and those affected by the tragedy that any amount will make a difference.

I’m going to make an initial donation to One Fund Boston.  In addition to that donation, I will be donating 10% of the proceeds from The Hunted and Darkness Calls sales (my e-books, both available on the Amazon Kindle and NOOK stores) to One Fund Boston from now until the end of the day on May 15th.

Thank you.



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