Fluidity Of Writing

For many years, when I thought about my writing career I thought I would only write YA fiction.  YA was the genre I was most interested in, and as the years went by my original thought became more cemented in my mind.

Then something happened.  I e-published the two books I had written, started this blog, and continued to write YA fiction.  After that I started another blog to document my journey with Celiac Disease, the blog becoming a form of cheap therapy to cope with the psychological and emotional impact of being recently diagnosed with the disease.  As I began Year Two of substitute teaching I began journaling about my experiences and thoughts in regards to substitute teaching and post-college life, a time I like to refer to as post-college purgatory.

Now, in addition to this blog and the Living With Celiac Blog, I am starting a third blog.  Another blog, another enterprise, another piece of writing.

With all of this going on, I stop for a minute and think about the direction my writing career is going.  My writing is no longer limited to YA and neither are my interests.  Because writing, at its core, it fluid.


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