Oklahoma Tragedy

I keep watching the news about the tragedy that occurred in Oklahoma when an EF-4 tornado swept through and caused devastating destruction and death.  The more I watch about this tragedy, the more my heart breaks for Oklahoma.

As saddening as this tragedy is, listening to the accounts of people who helped save lives restores any wavering faith I had in humanity and the goodness of people.  People who used their bodies as shields to save others, and people who rushed in to help uncover and search for others in the debris.  People who are just willing to help.

I think if we all, in our day to day lives, maintained the mindset of actively wanting to help others and connect with others and acted on that mindset, then when these disasters strike we wouldn’t have to reach out to ask people to help because people would help without being asked.

I hope that you all will help those affected by the Oklahoma tragedy.  They are not going to be done healing for a while.


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