Break Time

This past weekend was Memorial Day weekend.  Although it is considered a holiday weekend, I told myself I was not going to let that be an excuse to give myself a break from writing and blogging.  I told myself that just because it was a holiday weekend that did not mean I could give myself a break.  I told myself that I am trying to build something here, and that means not taking time off.

I had good intentions which sadly did not come to pass.

Saturday, I had to help out with a family situation.  Sunday and Monday were spent doing errands that needed to get done, especially considering that this week is the last week in May.  By the time I checked my emails on Monday night, I realized that I had essentially spent the entire weekend offline.

A part of me feels guilty and is tempted to berate myself.  I can’t give into excuses!  I need to stay focused!  Then another part of me reminds me that breaks can be good in moderation.  They help put things in perspective and reenergize you.  And they allow you to think about those ideas you shoved in a box and put in the back of your mind; breaks allow you to take those ideas out of that box and realize there may be something worth pursuing with those ideas.

Given Option A and Option B, I like to take Option B.  Option A is just too much negative thinking.


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