“BULLY” film by Kendall F. Person

There is this amazing blogger named Kendall F. Person whose blog is thepublicblogger.com.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 29, 2013, at 5:00 Pacific Daylight Time he will air his new film “BULLY.”  The link to the article with the trailer for the film is here: http://thepublicblogger.com/2013/05/23/kendall-f-persons-bully-trailer/

I think “BULLY” is a must watch for everyone.  I was bullied from kindergarten until I entered high school for my appearance.  It reached the point where in high school I would not wear perfume, paint my nails, want to participate in class – anything that would bring attention to me.  To me, attention was the equivalent of directing a giant, critical spotlight on me where people were constantly staring at my flaws, readying their salt to rub into the metaphorical wounds.

During my first semester of college I took an Art History course, Introduction to Art.  The professor of the course was one of the most awesome professors I ever had by the name of Stephen Smalley.  Professor Smalley’s focus was on Pop Art and Modern Art.  I remember the first day of class flipping through one of the books and shocked at what was considered Art.  I’ve always maintained that Art is Beauty, and the more I studied Art, the more I realized that there is no true beauty ideal in terms of appearance and the human body.  Beauty by one’s standards is completely different than beauty by another’s standards.

This idea had me thinking.  If there are so many varied perceptions of Art, then there are just as many varied perceptions of Beauty.  So why then should I be concerned about not fitting other people’s beauty ideals?  I am beautiful and always have been.  Growing up, the people who bullied me did not appreciate my beauty and therefore should not be given thought.

Now, I paint my nails, wear perfume, and always have a genuine smile on my face.  Without going into a Christina Aguilera song, I am beautiful.  Always have been and always will be.



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