Confessions Of A Writer #16

In “Confessions Of A Writer #15” I talked about the importance of surrounding yourself with supportive people.  Adding to that, Confessions Of A Writer #16 is this:

Surround yourself with honest people.

To do this, you first have to be honest with yourself.  How open are you to criticism?  Feedback?  If someone critiques your work or tells you something you do not particularly like, how will you respond?  Are you willing to accept their response and see it as constructive?  Or does the thought of someone critiquing you or your work make you want to hide under the covers and nail the covers to the bed?

Don’t take honesty as an insult.  It takes a lot of courage for a person to be honest with you.  Rather than dismiss their honesty, appreciate that they were brave enough to be open with you.  Acknowledge what they are saying.  As much is it might sting, what they are saying is not meant to hurt you; instead, the person is trying to help you.  Because at its core, honesty is constructive.

You want to surround yourself with supportive people.  In addition to being supportive, the people should also be honest.  You don’t want a bunch of people who constantly say “yes” to you and agree with you, do you?  Where will that get you?  Not very far.

And just as you should have honest people in your life, you too should be honest with the people in your life.  Because if you can not be honest with the people in your life, how do you expect them to be honest with you?


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