The Voice Of Blogging

As you can tell from my last post, I was feeling very burnt out (hence the venting, frustrated post).  So yesterday, instead of trying to push myself to update all three blogs, tweet, and just be over all media savvy – instead, I scaled back.  I updated one blog and recharged.  In other words, I took my own advice and took a break so that I wouldn’t break.

The break worked.  Because if I had sat down at my computer last night to update all three blogs when I only had one post prepared for one of the blogs, I would have sat going back forth between staring at my computer screen and channel surfing on the television.  I physically did not feel well from the heat, my energy was running on fumes, and my motivation was depleted.  If I had posted on this blog, it probably would have read “Books are awesome.  That is all.”  A true statement, but not the best blog post.

Today, I actually do have an interesting post (at least I hope you’ll think it’s interesting).  I recently began a third blog which I titled The Consultant (  I created The Consultant because I’m very interested in the fields of Business and Leadership, and I created the blog as a forum to share my interest and what I’ve learned along the way and my own take on this advice.  Because as I read the Business and Leadership books, one of the things that strikes me is that the advice imparted in these books is intended to be universal and for everyone to use, regardless of gender; unfortunately, the reality is men and women are perceived differently in the workplace and when they use the advice they are perceived differently.

To help in my blogging efforts on The Consultant, I draw inspiration from what I read in books.  I also try to draw inspiration from Internet sources, specifically other business bloggers.  As I was doing my research, I realized something about business blogs.  Compared to blogs in other fields – writing, entertainment, food, travel, etc – business blogs are not the popular kids in school.  Posts are not liked as much or reblogged as much as those in other fields.  The business blogs themselves do not get as many followers as blogs in other subjects.  It’s as though the business world has not yet branched out enough to welcome bloggers; business blogging is still in its nascent phase.

I don’t care if The Consultant is not the popular kid in school.  Okay, I care a little.  But blogging isn’t about how many followers you have or how many people like your blog or even how many people read your blog.  Blogging is writing and a platform for you to share your writing with others.  Most importantly, it gives you a microphone to express your voice.  And there are no judges here to boot you off either.


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