Confessions Of A Writer #18

In “Confessions Of A Writer #17” I talked about how I do not regret my decision not to attend grad school.  I still do not regret my decision about grad school because although my decision not to attend the Masters program was financial, it later became a good decision due to my health.  I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease last July, and the doctor said it would take at least one year to heal the damage caused by Celiac Disease.  I needed this past year to not only focus on my writing and the things that would have remained on my To Do list had I gone to grad school but to focus on my health as well.

After I posted “Confessions Of A Writer #17,” I began to rethink attending grad school.  Except this time, instead of focusing on the “what if” or “what could have been,” I focused on the possibilities that are still there; I focused on the “what can still be.”  And as I began thinking more about what can still be, I realized that I can still go to grad school, get my PhD in English, and have a writing career plus be a blogger plus a whole bunch of other things I decide.

Doing what you love does not have to limited to only one thing, one path, one label.  The adage is “Be who you are.”  A person is a beautiful, complex individual who has a labyrinth of parts to their soul.  Why, then, should they try to confine their identity to one singular role?

Don’t just “Be who you are.”  Be all of you.


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