Black Friday Is NOT A Holiday

As everyone knows, this Friday is Black Friday.  Not too many years ago, stores used to open at early, but still semi-reasonable hours on Black Friday.  As in 5 AM, even 4 AM.  Then they began opening earlier.  And earlier.  Now there is 12:01 AM on Black Friday and 6 PM on Thanksgiving.

It’s hard to miss the advertisements stores have for Black Friday.  You know, the ones where they build up the event as though it actually is a holiday.  Black Friday is NOT a holiday.  Thanksgiving IS a holiday.  Yet Thanksgiving is becoming almost irrelevant in the wake of a day appropriately named Black Friday.  Because to me Black Friday is not a happy day.  Black Friday causes employees to dread Thanksgiving, knowing that they either have to cut the holiday short or not have it all together because they have to be into work at such ridiculous hours.

Remember Thanksgiving, the holiday.  A day for parades and football games.  A day where there is a lot of food, and the person who prepared that food had to get up at a really early hour to have it ready in time, and even though other people might not understand why they did it, they did it because they wanted to make the day a little more special than just an ordinary Thursday (and/or because they really like to cook and bake which leads to them having a slight obsession with Food Network and other food-related shows and websites….not that I know anyone like that…).  And most of all, a day to relax a little, even if that relaxing takes place only after consuming large quantities of food and beverage.

Make this year’s Thanksgiving (and every year’s Thanksgiving afterwards) about Thanksgiving, not Black Friday.  I mean, if anything else Thanksgiving sounds more cheerful than Black Friday, right?


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