Project Thankful: Reason #2

Call it holiday spirit, but I am most thankful for Christmas decorations.

Weird, right?  Here’s the thing though: I absolutely love Christmas.  It’s my favorite time of year.  Sometimes I wonder if I was part elf in another life because of how much I love the holiday.  To me, there’s such an elevated atmosphere of hope during the Christmas season that is hard to describe.  The music is cheerful, it’s acceptable to deck yourself out in Christmas garb, and most of all (even if you are a Grinch) the decorations add pizzazz to the days.

Maybe being thankful for Christmas decorations stems from my childhood memories of Christmas with my family.  We used to drive to the different neighborhoods in my town to look at the Christmas decorations people had.  If a neighborhood was especially festive, we would park and walk around to look at the displays.  I remember looking at the houses with their decorated lawns and windows thinking, “Wow, this is something special.” 

I was in Boston today with a friend and took pictures.




What are some of your favorite holiday memories?


One thought on “Project Thankful: Reason #2

  1. Lauren says:

    This blogger would like you to know that this post was published on 11/30 (at approximately 10:18 PM) even though WordPress has it as being published on 12/01.

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