Project Thankful: Reason #3

You could consider this reason an extension of Reason #2, but I am thankful for Christmas trees.

At this point you might be thinking, “Is this blogger completely obsessed with Christmas?”  But being thankful for Christmas trees has less to do with Christmas and more to do with what they represent to me.  Christmas trees are canvases, spaces where the individual can create a visual story from remembering a loved one to celebrating a first memory. 

For me, my Christmas tree serves as a reminder with ornaments symbolizing moments in my life I feel are worth preserving.  Some are sad, with deceased pets’ names on them.  Some celebrate my geek love, with ornaments with my favorite characters and movies on them.  Others are miscellaneous, and I put them on because I think they might aesthetically complement the ones I already put on the tree.  Then there are the ones that mark how I’ve grown up.  My hobbies over the years, how I looked during those elementary school holiday bazaars, and the ornament with a picture of me as a baby.

This year my Christmas tree takes on another meaning.  Because I will most likely be living somewhere for graduate school next year, this year’s tree will probably be the last Christmas tree I put up at home.  And so I am thankful for my Christmas tree because this year the story it will tell will be the story of the house I have lived in since I was born, of the memories amassed over the years spent in that home and growing up in my town, and of the many wonderful Christmases spent there (no matter how cranky people became).  And next year I will put up a Christmas tree and will remember again with the new memories that have been created from the past Christmas.  And I will be thankful for those memories.

Now for some awesome Christmas trees:







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