Project Thankful: Reason #10

Today, I dropped off the letter I wrote to Santa Claus at Macy’s as part of their fundraiser for Make-A-Wish.  Now, some of you might be raising your eyebrows that an adult would write a letter to Santa Claus, even if it is for a good cause.

But that’s just why I wrote the letter.  Because I believe in Goodness and the power of Good.

As an English major, I was taught early on that the word “good” is one to avoid in writing because it’s not considered an impactful word.  I disagree.  It’s a funny word, “good.”  Kind of sounds like, and contains, the word “goo,” a word that has not so pleasant connotations.  Yet the “ood” sound to “good” gives the word an almost gruntal quality.  The combination of these two elements produces a word that is quite powerful and lends meaning to the word.  “Good” is a strong word, one that implies it makes war on all the crap of the world, slicing through the sticky “goo” that tries to ensnare it, so that Good can win.

There is so much goo in this world.  I look at my students, and I see kids who are both aware, yet unaware, of the true extent of much of this goo, just as previous generations would say my generation does not fully understand the true extent.  This is what I do understand, however.  That the Bad never ends.  It never stops, from the time we enter this world shrieking for a hold in it to the time we pass from it, walking alone to our next stop in Existence.  This is what else I understand.  That we all have the choice to either accept the Bad as our Existence, or to fight it.  To believe in Good, something worth fighting for.  Because if you don’t believe in Good, then everything is just goo.


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