Project Thankful: Reason #19

I love to cook.  I love to bake even more.  Tonight, I made chocolate chip muffins.  I made these muffins partly because I was going to run out of cereal soon and would need something for breakfast, and I made them partly because it is snowing outside, and I believe that any time it snows it is a sign that baking should be going on as well.

I do not know why I love to cook/bake.  See, I can remember being in an early grade in elementary school and taking a cooking class after school or on school break.  I have an innate fascination with creating things, especially things others can enjoy.  When I cook/bake, I appreciate whatever I made if it tastes good.  I appreciate the food even more if others think it tastes delicious. 

Cooking and baking are ways I give back to people, to say thank you.  Because everyone’s day is a little more cheerful when they come home to find food prepared with them in mind.  As my mom likes to say, “Food tastes better when someone else cooks it.”


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