Confessions Of A Writer #22

I haven’t posted a “Confession” in quite some time.  A part of this lapse in time is due to the blog space being transformed into a showcase for my latest project, “Project Thankful.”  Another part is because I have not really been working on either novel in Night Creatures series.  The first draft of the  sequel to Darkness Calls is finished.  The first draft of the sequel to The Hunted is still a work in progress.  But a good work in progress.  The type of work in progress where the story itself including the characters are all, “Look here, author lady.  You’ll finish the novel.  You just have to leave us alone for the novel to take shape, so that when it’s time to write, we can tell you how the story is going to play out.”

That said, I recently started working on the sequel to The Hunted.  Today, I surpassed a writing goal that I would say is the hardest to achieve: the first 10,000 words.  Because the first 10,000 words are the hardest to write.  They are the beginning of the novel, and just like a beginning of a relationship, a beginning of the novel feels awkward to write.  You have all these big ideas, but then aren’t sure if they will work or be realistic within the construct of the story, and you fall in and out of love with the characters, and you wonder why you thought the series itself was worth it at all, and you question whether you should unpublish your work and be done with it, and you abandon your original notions regarding how the novel will take shape and what will happen because as you write, the story tells itself and the characters show you what will happen.  And as the plot is being revealed to you and you are caught up in this collage of characters and action, the idea of unpublishing your work seems ludicrous because writing is so much fun.

And then you look down at the word count, and you’ve passed 10,000 words.

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