Project Thankful: Reason #31

Twice a year my cousins who live in Florida come up to visit.  After Christmas is one of those times.  I love seeing my cousins for many reasons, mostly because they are awesome and generous and thoughtful.  I am also thankful for their visits because my cousins force me to be social.  Not in a “Get your butt over here now or else we’re coming over to your house to drag you out to do stuff!” sort of force; rather, a “Hey, we’re thinking about going to the movies.  Would you be interested?”  Mentally, I think “I love movies!  But I don’t go to movies that much because movies require effort and eat up a lot of the day plus there is the cost factor and just thinking over this monologue of why I don’t do something I really like makes me depressed…but since my cousins invited me I’ll go (and be really happy we have similar taste in movies).”

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