Project Thankful: Reason #43

I am housesitting for my aunt, and last night was the first time I had to spend alone in the house.  Knowing that, I probably should have decided against going down her horror movie, serial killer basement in the dark. 

I am fearless.  I am.  But I am also human and get creeped out.  I also have a very vivid imagination whose favorite hobby is thinking of different, often not pleasant, scenarios that could play out. 

Still, I stuck out the night.  By myself.  In a house where the fridge can sound like there is a hornet living in it.  That has poor insulation making different rooms feel colder than others, including the bedroom.  But that also has a lot of lights and a TV in both the living room and the bedroom.

By the time morning came, I felt better.  Through bravery and a refusal to give into the idea that there is something lurking in the basement that I would not be able to handle, I proved that I could do it.  I could handle the creepiness.  Which is good because creepiness is part of life.


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