Project Thankful: Reason #45

I watched the Golden Globes last night, and I saw all these actors and actresses, producers and writers, costume designers and singers, and a whole bunch of other people without who these wonderful films and television series would not be here, or at least not be as wonderful as they are.  As I watched the awards ceremony I couldn’t help but be struck by the wondering if any of my work will ever be considered so significant.  If my writing, my literary contributions will ever be perceived as ground breaking or pioneering or deserving of critical acclaim.  And as I pondered these questions I realized it’s not that I want my writing to be considered popular or to propel me into fame such as that I could be termed a bestselling author.  I want my writing to touch people, to penetrate through the masses to reach the individual.  It’s the individual I am concerned with which is why I am in awe of these shows and movies that were nominated and won because they possess that quality in some way.

I sit here a simple blogger typing away at the computer, thinking of the potential power my words might have.


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