Project Thankful: Reason #46

I have not been feeling well very recently.  Emotionally, that is.  I would look at pictures of myself and think “Do I really look like that?”  I began thinking about my appearance and my body in a negative way, and by thinking I mean analyzing.

That’s when I knew what I needed to do: go to the gym.

Not in an “Oh my gosh, I’m so fat, I have to workout,” need to go to the gym.  Going to the gym – exercising – is what I try to do on a consistent, weekly basis since when I don’t I start getting negative thoughts.  Exercise is medicine for when I am experiencing any sort of negativity; sadness, anger, depression, anxiety…you name it.  Because it’s pretty hard to be a self-hater when you just worked out for an hour and your shirt is still soaked with sweat patterns.

I am very thankful to have reached this point in my relationship with my health where I am aware of when I start to veer towards the direction of negativity, and I am able to stop before it consumes me.  I’ve been down that road before; hell, I had a house with an address there and everything.  Knowing what it’s like to be in such a dark place, I refuse to go back there.  Even for a visit. 


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