Project Thankful: Reason #47

My 2014 bucket list will constantly be changing, but recently I sat down and thought about what it is I would like to accomplish in 2014, where I would like to go, and why:

Reach 200 blog followers on Paranormal Perspective

Reach 50 blog followers on Living With Celiac and The Consultant

Blog more on Living With Celiac and The Consultant

Go to Disney World and stay at Port Orleans Riverside (because that resort is AWESOME, enough to deserve an all caps awesome…and because even though I went to Disney World in November, it was an extended family trip which meant more “where are you? where should we meet you?” and less getting to do the things I really wanted to do)

Go to Disney World and take in all the Disney World Christmas time festivities (again, due to time crunch circumstances, I was not able to fully take in Disney World around Christmas time, but what I did see of it…wow, I want to see more)

Go and stay at Atlantis in the Bahamas and snorkel the ruins of Atlantis (ever since I went to Grand Cayman for my cousin’s wedding, I have been in love with the Caribbean.  Atlantis seems like such a wonder to explore and to be able to snorkel and interact with the animals they have there would be a dream.)

Go to Key West (I’ve always wanted to go!  And it’s Florida, a state I would live in if I had the chance)

See the Grand Canyon (when I graduated from college, my aunt took me to Europe.  While in Europe, I went to Paris and visited Notre-Dame as well as Sainte-Chapelle.  I remember sitting in both locations, gazing at the exquisite stained glass windows with the sunlight streaming through them.  Watching the sun through the stained glass, surrounded by sites pulsing with tremendous history and spiritual energy, was a truly spiritual experience in itself.  Since I associate travelling to a spiritually inspiring place with a new section of my life, such as when I graduated from college, the Grand Canyon seems like a very fitting place to want to visit before I begin a new section in the fall when I start grad school)

What’s on your 2014 wish list?


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