Project Thankful: Reason #48

Dear Students,

I have worked with you for the past two and a half years in various roles as substitute teacher, tutor, and paraprofessional.  I have watched, taught, and disciplined you.  In turn, you have taught me many things, two of which are invaluable skills: the ability to connect with others, no matter a person’s circumstances or background; and the ability to be comfortable in front of the classroom.

I did not think I would ever work in Education, but I am glad that I have.  After two and a half years, I can honestly say I love working with students.  I can also say I am done, ready to move on in my career.

Unfortunately, the economy is such that moving on might as well be equivalent to moving mountains.  Yet you have such optimism, Students, about the world that your “Why not?” attitude when it comes to life is inspirational.  You have inspired me to be candid with myself about my current state: that I am not happy and have not been for quite some time.  That my answer to the “Why not?” question is money, a green, man-made deity we all seem to serve and obey.

I pray that I can one day be free from this paycheck-to-paycheck servitude.  That if I want to do something, I can ask myself “Why not?” and answer “Why, yes!”


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