Project Thankful: Reason #49

Thursday was a long day.  I did not get a break from students, except for my 30 minute lunch period.  After work, I had to go to the grocery store, run home to put the groceries away, pick up my mom from work, and go over to my aunt’s house.  Once back home, I had to feed my sister’s lizards since she is currently living in Florida for work.  Finally, I was able to have computer time, allowing me to check emails and blog.  By 9:00 I was ready for bed.

Friday morning I woke up, but I did not feel refreshed.  I felt raw, as though the winds of my current situation had at last worn down the layers of protection I had built up that kept me in a cocoon of contentment, so as to make me shout “You’ve got me!  I’m burnt out!  Unhappy!  No amount of time off from work will help!  It’s not a break I need, but a change and a really humongous one at that!”

I need to travel.  I seemed to have developed a need to travel at least once a year to a destination not within a day’s worth of driving distance.  This need has become essential to my happiness, and without travel I am not happy.

As my current financial situation does not allow for me to travel, I can envision my first travel trip of 2014 instead.  I would go to Florida and visit my sister and, more importantly, her puppy who is my adorable niece.  I miss them both terribly, and I wish I could see them.  While spending time with them I would visit Fort Lauderdale because that is a part of Florida that was so much fun last time I went there.  From there I would go to Crystal River to swim/snorkel with manatees, one of my favorite animals.  My Florida trip would culminate with me going to the Florida Keys, a place on my 2014 bucket list.

I’ve been to many states, all of which I have enjoyed.  Yet it is Florida that calls to me the most, makes me feel like it is the only non-New England state I could live in and call home, even if I could only live there for part of the year.

With every new year, people say different predictions about what the year will be.  For me, 2014 will be, is, my year of happiness, the year where I do not settle for contentment, instead choosing to live a life of happiness.


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