Project Thankful: Reason #51

Spring is officially two months away.  Valentine’s Day is less than one month away.  In years past, I would look on these facts along with the fact that I am currently single with some longing to no longer be single.  This year, however, I do not feel that longing.  I’m okay with the current facts.

I would rather be single than be in a filler relationship.  What’s a filler relationship?  A relationship you enter into because you simply do not want to be single anymore.  Because you’re committed to not being single, you create a sort of false image of the other person in your mind, making them seem better than they probably are.  Eventually this illusion wears off, and the damage the filler relationship leaves you with is you feeling more empty and forlorn than you ever did when you were single.

I actually do not like the word “single” when referring to a person’s relationship status because you are always in a relationship with yourself.  So for right now, I’m going to focus on that relationship.  As I tell my students when they ask if I have a boyfriend, “No, I’m focusing on me right now.”

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