Project Thankful: Reason #53

There is an impending blizzard.  Or as New Englanders think of it, there’s going to be snow!  And probably shoveling.  

I always take inventory of what we have around the house before the scheduled snow starts in order to ensure that we have enough supplies to make it through the blizzard.  I do this not because I think, “Oh my gosh, I’m never going to be able to leave the house again because it’s going to snow!” but because I frankly do not want to leave the house except to shovel during a storm.  Especially for cat food.  Because if you don’t have enough cat food then you need to leave the house to go to the store to get some more, even if it’s in the single digits and cars can not drive straight down your street, because those furry felines will turn on you.

With cat food and other items on my list in mind, I headed off to the grocery store where I was able to get a good parking space, a cart, and all of the items on my list.  Huzzah!  Oh, except for the super grouchy people in the store.  Being in a grocery store during an impending blizzard does not give you the right to be rude.  Or to leave the gallon of milk you did not want in the baby food aisle.

I’m thankful I was raised by non-rude parents and that I can honestly say that I am not a rude person.  Stubborn, sarcastic, impatient, somewhat low tolerance of people in general…I’ll admit to all of those descriptions.  But rude?  No, I’m not rude.  I’m the person who picks up the neglected gallon of milk in the baby food aisle and puts it back in its rightful place.


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