Project Thankful: Reason #54


“No” is a powerful word.  It’s final, determined.  A commitment to the decision that you are not going to do something, that you are going to pass.  It’s a simple word as well, probably one of the easiest words to say and to comprehend.  For many years though, I struggled with saying “no” to people and to situations that were not the best for me.  “No” seemed like an offensive word, one that would hurt others.  Yet I can now say I finally embrace “no,” and I am glad I incorporate “no” into my life.

It can be the direct “no,” such as having to turn down a job offer because of various factors.  Or it can be the silent or implied “no,” that often comes up with dating, especially online dating because if a person has a shirtless pic as one of their photos, then it’s a “no.”  Or if they are not familiar with the concepts of paragraphs and basic grammar.

Saying “no” does not reflect negatively on you.  If anything, I think saying “no,” is a positive thing.  It means you have standards you are not willing to compromise on.  More importantly, saying “no” means saying “yes” to making yourself a priority.


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