Project Thankful: Reason #55

I guess you could say this post is a follow-up to “What They Don’t Tell You in College.”  After I wrote that post, I asked myself the question I ask myself every day: “What am I thankful for?”

Thinking about my earlier post, I realized I knew what I am thankful for today.  I am thankful to no longer be in college.  I know that sounds weird coming from a person who will be starting graduate school in September (somewhere), but I am glad I am no longer an undergraduate.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved college.  I despised high school, but college was amazing.  Now that three years have past however, I look back and am thankful to be done.  I started college in my late teens and graduated in my early twenties.  That’s a wonky time for a person.  You’re technically considered an adult, but you still feel like a teenager.  Oh, and while you’re trying to figure out which direction your life is headed, you have to write a paper for an English class.  And another paper for another English class.  And help put together a PowerPoint presentation for an Art History class.


2 thoughts on “Project Thankful: Reason #55

  1. Lois Hoffman says:

    I distinctly remember the freedom from guilt when I graduated. For 4 years, I felt guilty every day when I wasn’t studying (and that was almost all the time).

    • Lauren says:

      College and academics became such important parts of my life that at times it felt like those were the defining characteristics. After I graduated, I began exploring all the other parts, and college and academics didn’t seem as overpowering anymore.

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