Project Thankful: Reason #56

Last night the headache began.

At first I thought it was just a really bad sinus headache, a sensation I am very familiar with.  Yet over the span of an hour, the headache grew into something more, the mother of all headaches that decided to make me its lucky host.  Then the nausea started.  Seemingly minor at first, perhaps some bad heartburn.  Just like the headache though, the nausea increased to the point where I prayed to just be sick so as to be rid of the tormenting nausea.

I am taking it easy today to be safe.  Like most people, if not all, I hate being sick.  I hate being sick when I’m busy.  I hate being sick when I don’t have any pressing plans.  In a weird way however, I am thankful for when I get sick because sometimes it’s the Universe’s way of saying “Slow down, sparky.  Rest.”  And rest is all I can do.

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