Project Thankful: Reason #58

Yesterday, I spent the day at a friend’s house.  I met this friend in college, and after we both graduated we found it is more difficult to get together than it was in college, as most post-college grads realize.  So when the opportunity arises that I am able to spend time with her and her family, I jump at it.

It’s odd because when you see someone on a regular basis, such as I did when I was in college and saw this friend at least once a week, you do not fully recognize how precious your relationship, your friendship, with that person is.  It’s when you aren’t able to see them as regularly, but when you do see them they pull out all the stops because they are so happy to see you, that you truly begin to value that connection you have with them, and you make the decision to never lose this person because this person embodies all that a friend should be.  And you pray that wherever your individual lives take you, that you may both be within driving distance of one another.  


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