Project Thankful: Reason #63

Since I should have posted this on Friday, this will be a retrospective post.  Friday was the last day of January, a month that is what Monday is to days of the week.  On the one hand, I was very excited that January would be ending.  January was a month that felt like it would never end.  On the other hand, January’s end felt bittersweet.  On January 1st, the very first day of 2014, I thought about not only what I hope to accomplish by the end of the year, but what I hoped would happen by the end of January.  By the end of January, it seemed like none of the items on my January list had actually happened.

This realization was disappointing and slightly discouraging.  As I thought about it however, I finally found myself accepting what I kind of already knew, but liked to think I was the exception to: that I can’t just sit around and hope for things to happen; I have to actually take action to facilitate their happening.

So thank you, January, for being a month of hope.  Now that February is here though, it’s time to actually do something.



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