On Blogging (and Writing)

I’ve been blogging for a while now, and I have noticed a few things about my posts.  One of these observations being that while there is no way to determine which posts get the most views or likes, the posts that tend to be longer and more “me” centered (posts which relate to my current emotional state or the like) usually do not generate as many views as the ones where I comment on something external and relate it to something personal.

The more involved I become with the second type of posts, the more I find myself enjoying writing them.  I blame Thoreau and my senior seminar professor.  Thoreau was the topic of my senior seminar, and the professor would make us write journal entries where we related what we read to something in our own lives.  Reading Thoreau, you understand he was not simply documenting his occurrences; rather, he was writing about observations which in turn acted as outlets to express his ideas and forced him to confront facets of himself.  As I continue with blogging, I find myself influenced by Thoreau’s style and by those journal entries my professor made us do.  I suppose we all carry a bit of Transcendentalism, looking to the external for mirrors which reflect our internal and the “more” in life.


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