Project Thankful: Reason #72

I am in the midst of the Waiting Game, waiting to hear back from the graduate schools I applied to.  I hate it.  I just want to know already!  Then I don’t want to know.  But I do want to know.  

Back when I applied to grad schools the first time around, I thought I was ready for grad school.  I thought I knew exactly what my specific areas of focus would be, the literature I would want to study, and I could see what my dissertation would be on.  In other words, I had a certain vision in my mind.  When I did not get into grad school, I was devastated.  I mean, I was ready!  I knew what I wanted!

Except what I want, what my interests are have (slightly) changed since when I first applied.  On the one hand, I felt behind applying this second time around to grad school since it’s been a couple of years now from when I first applied, and I have been out of college for three years.  Yet I needed that gap to really fill in the gaps in my life, including my literary scholarship.  I choose not to think of it as being behind, but as my second chance not just at academia, but at choosing what my life will be.


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