On Love and Valentine’s Day

Today is Monday and the start of Valentine’s Day week.  If you are reading this and rolling your eyes at the mention of Valentine’s Day, I get it.  Valentine’s Day is not everyone’s thing.  Personally, at the very least I look at Valentine’s Day as the perfect excuse to wear a lot of red and pink as well as to eat chocolate and other sweets.  I also view Valentine’s Day as a celebration of love.  

For me, Valentine’s Day and the idea of it being a day to celebrate love is rooted in my family.  Growing up, every year my dad would bring my mom, my sister, and me long-stemmed red roses for Valentine’s Day.  Although we are older now, he still brings home chocolate covered strawberries for the house.  My mom, my sister, and I give gifts to each other for Valentine’s Day as well as to the pets.  Why do we do all of this?  Because Valentine’s Day is all about love, and love is a word whose meaning is not solely confined to romance.  


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