Project Thankful: Reason #76

On Thursday, I had an interview for a Paraprofessional position.  During the interview, they asked me where I see myself in 5 years.  I was honest.  I answered, “Working with students.”  Because I could never imagine a career that does not involve working with students.

I will most likely end up in a terminal MA program in the fall.  When I used to think about this possibility, I kind of resented it because I was adamant that I wanted a PhD program; not only was the PhD my graduate degree preference, but I felt my skills were better suited to the PhD.  Yet a terminal MA might be the program I am better suited for after all since I might end up missing teaching at the high school level; in which case, I could complete the MA, take the MTELs, and apply for high school teaching positions.

Sometimes when the universe tells you what you need, it makes you realize what you actually want.


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